Can You Make Wedding Dresses More Comfortable

Can You Make Wedding Dresses More Comfortable

You really should make sure that the one you choose from your long perusal of wedding dresses is going to be comfortable. After all, you are going to spend a good part of your big day ensconced in it, so you want to be very comfortable. It is certainly one of the most important dresses you will ever wear in your life, so why not be comfortable in it?

1. Is it the right length?

Remember, even with heels on, if your dress is too long, then it is a certainty to do you a mischief somewhere during this important day. Wedding dresses can be taken up should they require it, so find someone who has experience with shortening wedding dresses. The best length is about one inch above the floor or which allows a glimpse of your shoes when you are standing up.

Can You Make Wedding Dresses More Comfortable

The problem with stapling or pinning your dress up in haste is pins are steel and they can rust. We all know people who have not had time or forgotten to get their dress cleaned immediately after the wedding and ended up with set-in marks from food or mud or even the flowers. Rust marks quite badly, so get the hem fixed properly. Sticky tape is not a good idea either.

Catching your heel in the dress can lead to embarrassing consequences and also ruining the dress if you have stiletto heels on, so be wary.

Can You Make Wedding Dresses More Comfortable 2

Look at this easy white wedding dress with half loose sleeves and perfect length. You will feel easy in it.

2. Can you stand, move around-, sit down or move your arms and breathe in comfort?

Surprisingly, standing up can be very difficult if not impossible if your dress is too tight. Wedding dresses that fit too closely to the body can restrict all types of vital movements. If you have a corset as the top part of your dress, it may restrict the intake of food, drink or even your breathing. Many ladies ‘swooned’ in the olden days from corsets which were too tight and restricted their capacity to take a deep breath.

Those beads, pearls and other attachments look gorgeous, true. But they are heavy and do you want to feel like you are doubled up under a ton of weight? After all, it is a long day. Do those pearls rub under your arms when you swing them? Maybe you should have a layer or two removed.  It will not damage the dress if you choose someone who has the experience of doing this and you will be comfortable. Just have a look at this beautiful beaded dress that is stylish and comfortable too.

Can You Make Wedding Dresses More Comfortable 3

3. Does your wedding dress have an underskirt?

Underskirts with wedding dresses are fabulous and really make a dress catch the eye. However, in steamy hot summer months, the material they are made from may really put a dampener on festivities because it allows no air to circulate under the dress, turning that part of your body into an oven.. Get your underskirt made out of cotton. It may cost more, but you will not be clung to by the underskirt, nor will it lose its shape and be pretty much useless.

Most underskirts for wedding dresses are made of polyester. Although this material is great for the cost-conscious, holds its shape well and is excellent quality, it does not allow air to circulate. When you are outside the church in the sun, posing for photos or simply talking to guests, you are going to feel extremely hot, so get cool cotton for your underskirt. For this type of dresses as in the picture below, under skirt is very necessary for comfort.

Can You Make Wedding Dresses More Comfortable 4

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