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Bussell Wedding Dress: Alterations of Your Wedding Dress

Bussell wedding dress is made from alterations of your wedding dress. The alterations could make your dress more beautiful even if you wear your mother wedding dress. Do alterations to your wedding dress can be not very expensive and difficult. To make the bustle you can choose one of the bustle styles. One of the easiest bustle styles is over bustle which is also costs much less than the under bustle.

What styles of bustle that can be used for Bussell wedding dress?

Make Bussell wedding dress commonly used over bustle or under bustle style which is also known as French or Victorian bustle. But there is Austrian bustle which is less common but beautiful. First, over bustle consists of several hooks and eyes lifting your train off the floor. This style focuses on the waistline because the hooks are sewn in about 14” to 20” down the back skirt. Second, under bustle style focuses on the back area and works well for gowns without a waistline. Last, Austrian bustle style is made by creating a casing down the back seams and running a ribbon through it. The ribbon is pulled to give a similar look of balloon shades. This Austrian bustle is a secure bustle because the loop and pull system.

How to make an easy bustle for making Bussell wedding dress?

To make an easy bustle for making Bussell wedding dress you can start with over bustle style. Things that you need to make this bustle style are wedding dress with a lengthened skirt back, matching ribbon, matching covered buttons or hooks, sewing equipment and supplies, and dress form. Then follow some these steps. First, decide whether you will use hooks or buttons to attach your bustle. If you want to use buttons is more secure but do not complement every wedding dress. Then find the center back of the dress, place either one or two buttons or hooks on each side of the center back, spaced evenly apart. Mark these places with pins. Second, put the dress on your body or on the mannequin that has same height as you. Get a friend to help you lift back of the wedding dress skirt so the hem falls where you want it to. Ensure you are lifting from the middle of the skirt then pin the middle of the skirt to the button markings. Third, detach the middle of the skirt from the bodice, leaving the pins in the skirt to mark the replacement. Refine the pin placement by making sure that all pins are level, then find the center back, place as many pins as you are using buttons. These are called bustle points. Remove the rest of the pins.

Forth, pin the bustle points to the button or hooks placement marking, then see whether the draping looks correct to you, if not unpin the skirt and readjust the bustle points. Last, sew the covered buttons or hooks to the button markings, and then sew loops of matching ribbon to each bustle point. Take each loop and attach to its corresponding button or hook. Remove the Bussell wedding dress from the mannequin and put it on your body to test the drape and fall of the skirt.

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