Bold Colorful Weeding Dress – Atelier Versace Collection

This bold colored collection should by all modern brides, or women of today, while wearing something chic, exclusive, expressive and provocative interested views. We must admit that we like more than the full length silhouettes and short models, and we want them, because they look more sensual, elegant, seductive and feminine. Femininity is a trend that never goes out of fashion. Versace always a glamorous look to something more feminine transformation elegant, graceful cuts and soft fabrics. Inspired by fairy tale princesses, dress like Atelier Versace Spring / Summer perfectly combining femininity and tenderness. All the sweet, sweet colors, the cute details, asymmetrical ruffles, lace and embroidery are carved with sexy items such as films, with a very low front and back, and mixed nude shades that are very sensual.

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