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Best wedding dresses with glamour and style

Three generations of Beatrices, grandmother, mother and daughter, three needles luxury that result in 30 years making the dreams of many best wedding dresses glamour actually creating authentic tale princesses. From clothing, in its infancy, costumes made ??more armed to the most vaporous and simple brides today tissues.

But what they have not abandoned and what is still carried Couture, the design process and work is the same. As Beatriz Anton says, “we make a super team! At three we love fashion and we are all the time designing and new ideas in his head. My grandmother is the most sophisticated and perfectionist , who began taking seamstresses from small and then made ??her costume to her 4 daughters and 4 daughters, all very different but beautiful costumes. “After a few years, decided to mount the workshop with the eldest daughter, the most classical of the three and it never fails to mothers and best wedding dresses glamour.

And finally, Beatriz Anton is the new generation. The one that comes with more power and a new, young and contemporary style, inspires a lot of confidence to the best wedding dresses glamour and clients who feel very comfortable, thanks to how close it is. In addition, his experience is reinforced by the events company, through which organizes weddings. Among the three do a very good tandem and clients are left enchanted. They have costumes to entire families, two and three generations.

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