Best of 3 Diamond Jewelry with Elegant Design

Traditionally, we are all used that white diamond jewelry, brilliant diamonds. Recently, however, there is a trend for colored diamonds, the ideal way to be considered for their diamond jewelry. The regular diamond jewelry in its natural color. Colored diamond jewelry that I dealt with today by jewelers and gemologists in particular. Diamond jewelry are expensive enough as it is, and if you add cost of dyes, the prices tend to beat on the roof.
But jewelers have to do with an intelligent alternative colored diamonds are more affordable for the masses. Take poor quality diamonds, which are typically yellow and brown, and add color to it either with a high heat system or by painting. In this way, colored diamond jewelry find their way into the homes of many people who could otherwise never afford. Imperial and elegant. This solid 14k gold ring is a Victorian inspired, old Russian style design. 12 beautiful diamond jewelry totaling 0.96cts. a gorgeous royal blue sapphire.

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