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Beautiful and Elegant Spring Wedding Dress Colors

Yesterday I have shared tips, ideas and models choosing wedding dresses spring wedding could be a recommendation for you. But I have discussed about the color yet. Well, what a good choice of your spring wedding dress colors?

1. Ivory white

This color seems to be no death in all seasons. This color is very attractive to prospective brides to be the color of their dresses. In addition to the colors shown are a neutral color, as well as this color indicates purity and elegance of a bride.

2. Pink

Women favored color and suitable for spring wedding dress colors. Along with the blossoming of the beautiful flowers. Combined with perfect design, elegant and captivate the hearts of all who come.

3. Green

Spring seems to be very beautiful when paired with a light green or apple green. Pastel green color for wedding dresses is also not a bad thing. If you are already established with a green color option, then select the design.

4. Pastel colors

Pastel color is still a trend. The softness of the colors bring the atmosphere becomes more romantic wedding, impressive and very suitable for all skin tones of the bride. Yellow, blue and pink seemed appropriate to your choice of spring wedding dress colors.

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