Armani Wedding Dresses 2010

Armani Dresses are a wonderful way to something decadent style in a solemn ceremony and reception to add. With our long standing reputation in the fashion industry is Armani, impress combined with some of the most elegant dresses with a designer label.

An Italian designer born in 1930, Giorgio Armani has his career in the fashion industry as a designer for a famous fashion house in Italy. After nine years he has begun his own free choice and continued with a partner Sergio Galeotti, he called successful menswear line. A women’s line, followed with the help of his sister Rosanna Armani.

His designs do well, he started a real American name for themselves, deserve when Hollywood took note of his talent. He designed the costumes for both movies and public appearances of different stars, and he is now living as one of the world’s most successful designers in Ocean known today.

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