American flag wedding dress

American flag Wedding Dress: not just a usual wedding dress

American flag wedding dress can be a unique wedding dress among others styles of wedding dress. In addition wearing this wedding dress can be a decision for your wedding theme. As you see this wedding dress contains red, white, and blue as basic color that gives you some variations in decoration, cake, and gifts, etc. because this wedding dress use basic colors for the dress will evoke patriotic feeling in your wedding, especially if you consider a military wedding.

Some benefits that support to wear American flag wedding dress

Wedding dress can be a theme for your wedding party. For example, in wearing traditional wedding dress you can use the traditional as your key point. Other wedding dress designed for your own theme is American flag wedding dress. Using this wedding dress you can make some plans that can help your wedding. First, choose a date. You can choose 4th July which is a holiday for all American so that all your relatives, friends, and colleges can attend your wedding. Second, color for your wedding theme can be determined by red, white, and blue, and also the combination of red-white striped and white stars in blue background. From this theme color can be used as a reference for your wedding invitation card, cake, gifts, and decoration. Last, showing your patriotic. If you love your nation and want to use your patriotic using this wedding dress can be a solution. Using red-white striped for your lengthened skirt back and white stars with blue background for your upper dress. You can wear other red, or white, or blue attires to beautify your dress.


American flag wedding dress and other preparation for your patriotic wedding

Wedding as an important event in your life you need to prepare it correctly. You can plan your wedding by yourself and other relatives or you can use wedding organizer to help you. If you prefer planning and organizing your wedding by yourself some items and things need to be prepared. First, choose your wedding dress. From choosing the wedding dress you can plan other things. If you pick American flag wedding dress as your dress then this wedding dress will be a guide for other things. The color in this dress can be your wedding theme, decoration, gifts, and the menu. Second, prepare decoration. For decoration of your wedding you can cover the reception tables with white linen tablecloths. For more upscale reception you can use blue plates. If your reception is smaller you can use mismatched plates for a backyard-barbecue feeling. Second, choose menu that show American feel. For completing your patriotic wedding macaroni and cheese and fried chicken can be the main course, apple pie or apple crisp alongside the cake can be the dessert.

Other things that can be prepared are gifts, dance sound. You can prepare gifts such as key chains, or statues of soldiers holding a flag to your guests. A wedding party is not complete without dancing time. You can choose country, or jazz for your song while you dancing use American flag wedding dress.

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