Alternative Option Wedding Flowers

Having grown with pesticides, produced by underpaid workers and shipped internationally, not many of the beautiful flowers in weddings are all these people and the planet. In lieu of flowers, choose one of these alternatives for your heart, bouquets and accessories. They are not only environmentally friendly, they are affordable, unique, and above all – wonderful! Paper flowers are living a modern, stylish alternative to flowers. You can of recycled paper in any color or style your heart desires can be made. Scatter on banquet tables matching paper flowers, vases is in (no water required) and PIN to the lapel of nurses and witnesses.
Paper flowers at home with nothing more than a few are constructed of recycled paper and your own creativity. Or you can buy kits or ready-made bouquets online stores like Etsy’s Paper Platypus. And since the paper flowers weeks in advance, you can make money by bouquets and center pieces themselves, making them a practical and stylish addition to your perfect save DIY wedding.
Fill vases with fruits added dramatic effect of a simple scheme that the local flora and branches used. If you love a bride on a budget, luxury, over-the-top design are the use of large containers for centerpieces is a great way to those you love can be achieved. Make it affordable by renting the large glass vases or containers, or create your own from plexiglass. Fill with lemons, limes, oranges or, and use the local vegetation instead of flowers.
Prefer something fragrant for your big day? Try potted herbs. Cheap and chic, herbs will fill your ceremony and reception with a relaxed and natural flavors. Mini rosemary plants make great wedding favors that your guests green life. Lavender, marjoram, mint, lemon grass and sage can be arranged to make great centerpieces and bridal bouquets.

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