2010 White Chocolate Wedding Dress Idea

If you’re looking for a different twist on your wedding day, perhaps this story may be for you.Award winning bridalwear designer Ian Stuart has created a rather unique chocolate wedding dress.

Ian Stuart is renowned for adding his own distinctive style to all the wedding dresses he creates. The winner of Best Bridal designer 2004-2007 describes his latest tasty creation, “I believe chocolate is synonymous with romance and I have created a wedding dress design in conjunction with the best chocolatiers in London. The collaboration between Rococo and Ian Stuart fits, because you have two different high profile brands, both cutting edge and both willing to try something new!”

The amazing looking wedding dress is made of white chocolate, and described as “cute, burlesque, contemporary, fashionable and 1950s” – We describe it as “Tasty looking, with potential to melt, leaving a semi naked bride on a hot summer’s day”

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