2010 Delphine Manivet Wedding Dresses

French designer Delphine Manivet is a big hit in France and more than in the United Kingdom. Inspired by their own search for a wedding dress designs dolphins both ready and custom-made wedding dresses for women what they want and what they do not want to wear on their big day.

As part of our series on designers who appeared at the Designer Wedding Show 2010 (from Stephanie Allin and Emma Hunt), we are really happy to tell you about the work of Delphine Manivet!

Inspired by modern women who marry later in life, but does not turn its back on that dress that they have always dreamed of dolphins Manivet combines the practical with the dreamy, to create some beautiful pieces. In other words, dolphins Manivet’s wedding dresses pieces that do not make you look like a meringue, but you feel like you wear something that suits you, but great, as something that only looks at a model.

Your wedding collection is in two parts, divided short dresses and long dresses. The short dresses are inspired by 60s and make a bold, yet relaxed wedding with a beautiful look bo-ho, you see the dolphins Manivet website. Long, meanwhile, capture the same relaxed look, with relaxed cuts and fine fabrics, all together a very natural bride.

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